The Scoop on Poufs

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MINT FOR EACH OTHER CHUNKWith Perfectly Posh goodies in your shower, it’s easy to get lost in the sudsy goodness of products like Bubbles on Bubbles on BubblesBut the next time you’re lathering up with your favorite Posh body wash or Chunk Soap Bar, do your skin a favor and take a close look at the other product you’re using: your body pouf.

Treat Yourself Monthly

We’re all guilty of hanging onto favorite things longer than we ought to – an out-of-fashion tee or a toothbrush a bit past its prime. When it comes to skincare, however, you should be changing out your bath pouf – that pom-pom of soft plastic netting you use to soap up with – about once a month.

Several of you probably just winced, right? Don’t worry, just cut off that rope handle, chuck the old pouf in the recycling bin, and start fresh with a new pouf and some tips for keeping it fresh.

3 Pouf-Saving Hints

  • Hang it up outside of the shower. It may seem counter-intuitive, but continuous exposure to moisture, heat and humidity actually breeds bacteria – yuck! Consider a suction cup hook on the vanity mirror, or better yet, a hook on the wall just outside the bathroom door.
  • Make sure you rinse it after every use. When you scrub and exfoliate, you’re removing dead skin cells – which can stay in the pouf if it’s not thoroughly rinsed in clear water to remove soap and debris.
  • Sugar scrubs and poufs shouldn’t mix. Your skin loves the scrubby treatment of products like the Blissed Out Sugar Scrub, but particles of sugar can easily become trapped in between the fine lines of netting. Treat yourself to a manual sugar scrub application and save your pouf for soaping up afterwards.

With a little love, frequent rinsing and safe storage away from moisture, your pouf will stay fresh and clean – and help you stay that way too! So grab your favorite products from Perfectly Posh and a fresh new pouf, and enjoy your shower!