Perfectly Posh Starter Kit




Ready, Set Rewards

Quickstart Begins the Day You Join

The Quickstart program rewards you for completing sales and recruiting goals within your first 15, 30, and 60 days as a Consultant. The rewards include Perks, certificates, pins, and other business building items. You can earn one, two, or all three Quickstart rewards. Any Consultant who joins Perfectly Posh will be automatically enrolled in the new Quickstart program.


Requirement Rewards
15 Day Quickstart 250 Personal Volume 6,000 Perks Certificate & Pin
30 Day Quickstart 500 Personal Volume + 1 Personal Recruit 12,000 Perks Certificate & Pin
60 Day Quickstart 1,000 Personal Volume + 2 Personal Recruits 18,000 Perks Certificate & Pin + Personalized Business Cards




I invite to you to join in the fun opportunity called Perfectly Posh. You can either choose to go gang busters with your business or make a little extra income. It’s up to you! We are growing quickly and would love for you to join the fun while earning extra income.

The Perfectly Posh starter kit gives you loads of indulgent and valuable products along with some handy gear to kick start your business easily. Feel confident in our quality ingredients and the fact that our products are made in the good ol’ USA!Posh Starter Kit June

Perfectly Posh encourages you to work your business as little or as much as you want. They are excited to see you spread your wings and be original and imaginative as you want. Perfectly Posh has policies and business practices that foster creativity and imagination.

The company focuses on providing superior, well-made products that give you permission to relax and be treated to a little R & R.

Perfectly Posh provides an amazing new company start-up opportunity where you can influence the success of the company.

Join Perfectly Posh today and start your own Pampering Pursuit! As an independent consultant that joined in this incredible ground-floor opportunity, I am excited for you to too! Our company is growing quickly across this great country. I would love for you to join my team and build your own Perfectly Posh business. Our company believes in earning your trust, fostering creativity and helping you to be your best. Just think how this could change your life and create a new source of income while growing professionally and personally. View the Perfectly Posh Starter Kit video.

The Perfectly Posh Pay Plan commission system allows you to earn income with your personal sales and team growth. You set your business hours and pace. You control your success with a fabulous commission plan and incredible sales tools.

Let’s Posh together, join my Perfectly Posh team today!

Perfectly Posh has an awesome Quick Start Program with three award levels. As an independent consultant you have the opportunity to achieve all three levels! The different award levels are broken out in thirty day increments. Level One needs to be met within the first 30 days from your enrollment. Don’t fret, if you don’t make the 30 Day Props, you can achieve the 60 Day Props (level 2) and also the 90 Day Props (level 3). As you reach each level you earn Posh Portal credits, a certificate and pin of recognition and at each level new awards are given.

Perfectly Posh Pay
Perfecltly Posh Commission Chart

Also, these three levels are cumulative which means that your sales “snowball” so that your sales that you earn in your first 30 days are carried over into Level 2 goals and continue to Level 3 goals. This means if you meet your sales goal on the first level and sell $500 in personal sales, you will only need to sell another $500 in personal retail sales to meet the commissionable goals.

As the recipient of these awards, you can either use these fabulous gifts for yourself or gift the Posh Portal Credits, tools, and supplies to another consultant in your team! You just need to make a call to our customer service department to get your Portal Credits transferred. You can only transfer these items to one consultant so choose your consultant carefully.

The Perfectly Posh Quick Start Program is a great way to inspire yourself and your team members to reach attainable goals while building a successful business.