Skin WIN: Perfectly Posh Face Masks Rock

perfectly_posh_face_mask_party_pack¬†Think about your favorite movies, T.V. shows and stories – when a heroine has a bad day and needs to de-stress, what are her go-to comforts? Wine, chocolate and – of course – a soothing face mask. There’s a good reason for that: masks do wonders for your skin, and Perfectly Posh has a whole treasure trove of face masks to cleanse, firm, purify and more.

Girls Night Done Right

As much as you and your besties¬†totally deserve a weekend at the spa every weekend, it’s an indulgence that’s a little hard to come by. But what if you could get the same high-quality results and premium ingredients while you don your favorite kick-back clothes and mix up some sangrias in your own kitchen? Packed with a half-dozen of Perfectly Posh’s most fabulous face masks, the Face Mask Party Pack is here to turn a casual gathering with girlfriends into an indulgent treat for all. Not only does the set come with applicators for easy, even coats, there’s a BONUS The Stripper Detox Body Mud in the pack for you to enjoy later.

A Blend For Everyone

Not all face masks are created equal, and the high-quality combos in each Perfectly Posh mask allow you to target the effects where you need them most. Skin looking a bit dull? Brighten up with a dab of the exfoliating goodness of Calling All Fairies Face Mask. Feeling a little too raw and red from wintery wind chill? Soothe those cheekbones with the blueberry-yogurt dynamic duo of I’m Turning Blueberry Face Mask. Skin a bit parched? Stay Gold Face Mask to the rescue!

No matter which “best face” you’d like to put forward, there’s a Perfectly Posh mask for that! Treat yourself to a fun way to get clearer, brighter and healthier skin today – you’re worth it, you gorgeous gal you.