Pucker Up: Lovely Lip Balms Galore

glad_to_mint_you_caffeinated_lip_balmA recent study by Scientific American found that the average woman uses 16,215 words every day – just a tiny bit more than guys, who came in at 15,669. Between all that talking and smiles, laughs and other facial expressions, your lips get quite the workout. If you wear lipstick, you’ve got moisture covered, right? Not exactly. Even colorful formulas that purport to have moisturizing ingredients can lead to dry, cracked lips that feel uncomfortable and look…well, less than catwalk-ready. The solution? A protective layer of Perfectly Posh Lip Balms!

Buh-Bye, Chapstick

You love high-quality cosmetics and you wouldn’t use cheap conditioner for fabulous hair, so why would you cheat yourself when it comes to luxe lip balms? Buttery, silky and drenched with moisture-filled ingredients, these tubes let your lips go “au naturale” without a second thought. You can kick that fake-y cherry “flavored” stuff from the drugstore to the curb, too: it’s time to upgrade to delicious selections like Luxe for Life Lip Balm’s red velvet cake or the breezy, citrusy summer-inspired goodness of Scrumptious Sunshine Lip Balm. Got an important job meeting or a hot date on the radar? Don’t leave home without a chocolate-mint tube of hydrating Glad to Mint You Lip Balm tucked in your purse or pocket.

Perfect for Small Gifts

Whether you’re getting a head start on stocking stuffers or celebrating a co-worker’s birthday (hey, there’s always Man Balm for the gents in your life) these fun balms aren’t just effective and fun to use, they’re affordable too: in fact, they’re part of the “Buy 5, Get the 6th Free” Perfectly Posh promotion! Snag a handful and keep them tucked away to tape to gift cards or to pass out to friends at your next girls’ night in – they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and healthier, more beautiful lips too.