Razor burn and rough and tumble stubble beware, a powerful ally for the savvy shaver is Perfectly Posh The Smooth Operator Sugar Shave Scrub. A close and comfortable shave is on its way when you prepare your skin with this one, two pre-shave punch. Being manly does not need to mean scraping and scrapping with your daily shave, indeed the intelligent intervention includes avoiding the nicks and pulls on a smooth and soothed cheek. Smooth operator, indeed, shave with minimum waste and maximum joy when your grooming partner is postively and perfectly Posh. Dry skin and follicle clogging debris are swept away as the sugar exfoliates and then dissolves into a lubricating cream, permitting your favorite razor much more than a fighting chance to shear off those stubborn whiskers cleanly and completely.

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9 oz
GlycerinSucroseSodium Lauryl SulfoacetateSilicaPolysorbate 20Fragrance/ParfumSimmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed OilPanthenolTocopheryl AcetateCitric AcidDisodium EDTA