Rubby Scrubby is a fun new product that takes your feet to the next level of happy. Dry, tired feet and cracked heels need a little pampering now and then. Whether you are soaking in a long bath with one of our bominators, using our fabulous foot fizzies or a quick shower, this Rubby Scrubby stick can be used in any situation. Its easy, just rub all over your feet from heel to toe and feel the dead skin slough off. Our Rubby Scrubby foot product is formulated with sugary peppermint and shea butter. This adorable,playful pink foot treatment is made for all of those who need to exfoliate their feet and put a little moisture back in the feet at the same time. My favorite thing is to use this product every day in the shower. You just need to make a few quick swipes for maintenance. Then every week or so I use it while in the bath to really get my feet feeling smooth and soft. After I use Rubby Scrubby I follow up my foot treatment with our Soothing Stick. It is our finishing product for your feet. Get all three products to really spoil your feet. We have the Fabulous Fizzies, the Rubby Scrubby and then our final step, the Soothing Stick. A fabulous foot scrubbing product with playful peppermint and shea butter. Whether you are wearing sandals and showing off your toes or going to a yoga class, you want to make sure that you treat your feet and slough off that dead skin. This will do the trick.

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2.5 oz
Water/AquaPolyethyleneButyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)GlycerinSucrosePropylene GlycolStearic AcidCocos Nucifera (Coconut) OilCocamidopropyl BetaineFragrance/ParfumSodium HydroxideRed 33 [CI 17200].