This enjoyable, fun-scented lotion is the perfect combination of organic olivates, aloe, glycerin, and magnificent oils including coconut, safflower seeds, grape seed, jojoba, avocado and a dash of Vitamin E. In addition to lifting your spirits and gracing those around you with a delicious aroma, this moisturizing lotion helps to protect your delicate skin from irritants you come in contact with on a daily basis. Even if you have skin that is easily irritated, this all natural body lotion features ingredients that allow even sensitive wearers to enjoy its yummy scent. Order Perfectly Posh Tart Tootie Body Lotion today, so you can start pampering yourself the way you deserve. If you are looking for an extraordinarily scented lotion that matches your spunky attitude, then this lotion is for you. Perfectly Posh’s Tart Tootie Body Lotion isn’t your average lotion. In fact, it boosts a scent that is everything, but ordinary.

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