Perfectly Posh Tart Tootie Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme is a perfect combination of sweetness and sass that is perfect for women of all ages. This luxurious and feisty hand creme has the delicious scent of grapefruit mandarins, which means you can’t possibly be in a lousy mood when you apply it. Our hand creme comes in an easy to carry container that will fit nicely inside your purse or any other bag. This portability ensures you can apply your BFY hand creme as often as you like, even when you are running errands or enjoying a hot date with your hubby. No matter how often you choose to use your Tart Tootie Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme, you will be impressed each time with the softness and smoothness that the hand creme provides. With the addition of Vitamin A and Vitamin E, this hand creme is able to soothe even the driest, flakiest of hands without any trace of greasiness. To invigorate your senses and impress those around you with your beautifully, soft hands try Perfectly Posh Tart Tootie Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme.

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