Emerge in a mist of exotic pressed jasmine with an undercurrent of sexy sea salt, undeniably seductive and ever so proud of it. No parabens or sulfates complicate the situation, that job is yours alone. Buoyed upon a sultry tide of come hither looks, captain your own voyage into the straits of “Its Complicated” with Karma Body Wash — Shameless Flirt. Decidedly feminine, mesmerizing waves of intoxicating jasmine draw in your current passion, drenched in the seduction of sea salt and your silken scented skin. Feeling a little dangerous today? Sashay into your shower or bath and immerse yourself in the intoxicating scent of Karma Body Wash — Shameless Flirt. Bare a shoulder or a length of leg with confidence that your fragrant, silky skin is clean and conditioned, and start a major riot. Shrug that shoulder and blow a kiss as those legs move. Leave them wanting more, baby.

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