Perfectly Posh Sassyooma Body Lotion is an exceptionally natural lotion that soothes, protects and moisturizes your skin with the divine citrus-y scent of the Satsuma fruit. As with all of our quality products, our Sassyooma Body Lotion contains no gluten, sulfates or lanolin, so it is always refreshing and extremely gentle to the skin. In fact, even those with extremely sensitive skin can indulge in this decadently, perhaps sinfully, scented lotion. When you use Sassyooma Body Lotion, you can simply indulge, apply liberally, and often, and do it all guilt free because we never test any of our luxurious products on animals. Our highly innovative products only use the best quality ingredients and essential oils such as organic olivates, glycerin, aloe, coconut oil, avocado oil and many others. Each of our body lotions also contain Vitamin E, which is perfect for smoothing hard to hydrate skin. Spoil yourself and awaken your senses by adding Perfectly Posh Sassyooma Body Lotion to your daily pampering routine. Your sultry smooth skin and your senses will thank you for it later.

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