The lemon meringue pie of body lotions, this bowl of satiny luxury wakes the senses with a healthy squeeze of tangy delight and then balances that zest with a cool and creamy drift of moisture. Rub this sunny decadence into every pore of your skin, thirsty for a lushly lubricating formulation with a little vigor and verve, but no sticky stuff. Full of natural nourishment, this body butter keeps it real with aloe, glycerin and mighty vitamin E. No room in the tin for the allergens and irritants — paraben and paraffin need not apply, and gluten, soy, lanolin and sulfates are politely but pointedly not invited to the party. Bid adieu to the flaky and parched and welcome the soft, healthy skin that is your absolute right to demand, and then show it off, sister. Leave the heavy and cloying scents to some other butter, this fruity gem of an all-over body cream earned its sassy stripes by embracing the clean, vigorous and juicy essence of the lemon and the lime, and their supporting citrus chorus.

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