CLEARANCE ITEM! Get it before it is gone! Loaded with nourishing oils and protective butters, LipShot Gloss — Raspberry Bang-Bang is one weapon you want in your lip care arsenal. No sticky or waxy misfires with this sharpshooting formula. With jojoba, sunflower and coconut oil, and shea and cocoa butter, Positively Posh has allied you with some of the finest dry skin fighters in the business. Just soothing, smoothing and moisturizing ingredients, and a hint of a shimmering tint, all you, baby, but ballistically better. Savor the lick and the kick of luscious fruit flavor, not the staid strawberry or unvaried cherry, but an assertive zip of sass and rasp, berry, that is. Unexpected, but now eagerly awaited, apply the utterly buttery gloss with a free hand, and pout, smile or smooch with a style that is yours alone. Avoid the bossy and go with the glossy, showing off lips that look healthy, shiny and natural, never painted on and gaudy.

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