CLEARANCE ITEM – GET IT BEFORE IT IS GONE! The impish twinkle in your eye is matched only by the glowing glimmer on your lips when you feature a lick of Perfectly Posh’s LipShot Gloss — Pop on Poppy on your sweet little smile. Not a pout in sight with the smoothing and healing jojoba, cocoa and sunflower butters packed with hints of sunny orange, nodding poppies and a little spice to round it out. This lip conditioner does not take center stage, but just helps you look more healthy, more alive, more ready for that first kiss — more everything you want to be, and nothing you don’t. Keep it real, fragrant and tasty, in the bargain, with a shot of this pure lip wonder. A hint of sheer color improves and doesn’t distract — a better lip treatment, not a muddy make up.

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