Sweet almond and jojoba oil fight the destructive action of free radicals, and help minimize fine lines while adding moisture to firm and plump the lips. Shea and cocoa butters soften and condition the lips, reducing any flaking or irritation, and also easing inflammation. Send the petrol back to the gas station, and revel in our creamy and comforting blend of natural oils and protecting waxes, all melding into a nourishing lip treatment with the warmth of your lips. From the busy bees and the nodding sunflowers we have protective and healing waxes, giving a smoothness to your lips and helping them retain moisture. The zippy orange spice and poppy scent also lends a touch of yummy flavor, ensuring you’ll apply this tasty and tempting treatment time and time again. Your lips deserve the conditioning and nurturing of Perfectly Posh’s LipShot Balm — Pop on Poppy, an immense improvement on the chalky tubes of petroleum available at your local discount or convenience store.

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