Refreshing yet deeply conditioning, the silky thick cream envelops dry, fragile skin in a moon glow of softening and healing properties, leaving skin smooth and renewed. Polished and poised, a moon-lover will crave the opulent feel of this premium skin cream, the cocoa butter enriched with the antioxidant power of vitamin E, the softness and shine of glycerine and the cooling comfort of aloe. Enjoy your lunar lotion dance, immersing your parched and weather worn skin in the magical moisturizing mousse, noting how it quickly penetrates to heal and improve the condition of every bit of your skin touched by its silvery-blue rays. Leaving your softened skin scented with fresh, green kiwi, this is clearly not your mother’s body cream. Claim your starry and moonlit night, and enjoy a clear advantage over the heavy and slow to absorb body creams littering the ladies’ grooming scene. Float through your days and nights like a crescent moon pinned to an indigo sky.

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