On Clearance Sale! Get it before it is gone! Wake up your lips with a satiny treatment that packs a little caffeinated punch when you smooth on LipShot Gloss – Ooh La Kahlua. Don’t worry, this is one time you can have your coffee hit morning noon or night, without those pesky jitters. The sheer clear tint and shimmering gloss are for real, but the flavor and scent are for fun, and the lip conditioning and protection is some serious stuff. Aloe vera comes to heal and to restore a supple and kissable feel to damaged lips, and the gloss is ooh la loaded with shea and cocoa butter. The slender tube is also filled to the brim with essential oils like sweet almond, jojoba, castor seed and coconut showering your lips with major moisture and maximum softness. Never sticky or flaky, just smooth and soothing, as beeswax adds a creamy feel and keeps that this good stuff where it belongs — within your luscious lips. Mmmmwah.

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