Sweet almond and jojoba oil, shea and cocoa butter, and naturally protecting sunflower seed and beeswax: with no tint or gloss to this tube of sinfully solid lip happiness, your natural beauty shines thorough, or allows you to add a slip of color over your pampered lips. Here’s a tough choice: do you break open a tube of petrochemicals to coat your lips with an irritating sludge that actually makes your mouth feel raw and sets your skin cells to peeling, or do you instead nourish, condition and protect your lips with Perfectly Posh’s premier lip balm?? Hmm, I think we know what your answer will be. Trade in the sticky synthetics for our healing formula and enjoy a jolt of dark, sweet coffee without the cup as the robust richness of LipShot Balm — Ooh La Kahlua infuses your lip treatment experience. A real treat for your lips. Smooth over dried lips to lock in moisture and protect lips. A coffee-kahlua infused lip balm that you will love to use.

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