Contrary to popular belief, taking the time to indulge and pamper yourself isn’t just for high-maintenance girls. In fact, sensible, earthy gals need to relax and spoil themselves just as much, possibly even more, as the next girl. Down-to-earth girls will love the subtle, herbal scented deliciousness of our Perfectly Posh Mother Earth Body Lotion. PROTECT YOUR SKIN Better yet, Mother Earth Body Lotion also helps protect your skin from harmful irritants you come in contact with throughout the day. This means you can work and play as hard as you want, and your skin will stay hydrated and physically smooth. Since this naturally created body lotion is not tested on animals, and is both paraben and paraffin free, you can apply it liberally without feeling guilty and also be the envy of all your Earth loving sisters. Buy Perfectly Posh Mother Earth Body Lotion today, and you will be well on your way to finding your own silky smooth inner peace. This simple, yet long-lastingly fragrant, body lotion combines herbal goodness with natural glycerin, organic olivates, aloe, a dash of Vitamin E and some of the best oils on the planet including jojoba, avocado, safflower, grape seed and coconut.

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