Down to earth girls can be the envy of all their sisters when they rock Perfectly Posh's Mother Earth Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme. Whether your hands are rough from tilling the ground or tending to household chores, Perfectly Posh's BFY Hand Creme is the perfect solution for transforming your hardworking hands into the silky smooth hands you deserve to have. Our hand creme is able to do this thanks to an innovative combination of essential oils, high-quality ingredients and decadent earthy scents. For this reason, Mother Earth BFY hand creme is easily able to penetrate all skin types including exceptionally dry or rough hands. Since our products are extraordinarily natural, in fact they are free of paraben, paraffin, sulfates, gluten, and lanolin, you can indulge as often as you like without the risk of exposing yourself to harmful or irritating skin irritants. We also never test any of our products on animals, so you can truly enjoy our Perfectly Posh Mother Earth Big Fat Yummy Creme and simultaneously work on finding your inner peace.

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