Clarify and calm your mind and frequently freshen everything you touch with this practical and portable personal scented spray. Powerful yet palatable, peppermint is a potent mood altering herbal fragrance, keeping you and your atmosphere alive and alert, ready to perform your best. A CURE FOR THE BLUES Perk up your car, your office, your bathroom, your bedroom and your sassy self. Scent sheets, showers or your Shar Pei. No Shar Pei, no matter, mist your sister. A proven cure for the blues, misting the mint will keep all your worries worlds away, as well as pepping up your family, your co-workers and your friends. Perfect. Clear the air and create a refreshing traveling oasis with a perky spritz of Perfectly Posh’s Mister Mister — Peppermint Perk.

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