The mild fragrance of the white tea is harmoniously complimented by ginger’s naturally spicy aroma to create a scent that is both bold and subtle at the same time. As with all of our body lotions, our Maha Satori Body Lotion is paraben and parafin-free, which means it is extremely gentle on any type of skin. Maha Satori Body Lotion is gentle enough to use absolutely anywhere on your body and provides the hydration and glow that you desperately crave. In addition to making your skin the envy of all your friends, our body lotion also helps to protect you against any free radicals you come in contact with throughout the day. Since your body is indeed your temple, purchase energizing Maha Satori Body Lotion to give your personal temple an unmistakeable heavenly glow. Perfectly Posh Maha Satori Body Lotion is a luxuriously rich lotion with an undeniable Eastern flair. This coveted body lotion meticulously combines the natural healing properties of white tea and ginger with other all natural ingredients including aloe, glycerin, organic olivates and oils.

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