This perfect combination of ingredients means our products are extremely natural and are guaranteed to soothe, moisturize and protect a variety of skin types including normal, oily or exceptionally dry and flaky skin. Our body lotion is safe to use on sensitive skin because it is free of harmful chemicals and irritants including paraben, paraffin, sulfates, lanolin and gluten. Don’t let dull, dry, cracked or otherwise unsightly skin ruin your favorite outfit or your flawless bikini body. Instead, moisturize with our plumerian scented Perfectly Posh Lei Away Body Lotion, and you will soon be asking yourself how you ever survived without it. Perfectly Posh Lei Away Body Lotion offers a delightful scent of a fresh plumerian breeze. This sweet scent is sure to make you happy, possibly even giddy, and will surely invigorate your body. We are proud to only use high-quality ingredients including essential oils, aloe, glycerin and organic olivates in our luxuriously rich body lotions.

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