An androgynous one note scent takes this particular Perfectly Posh lip treatment to a quiet place, where no one need know your name to realize that you appreciate what is essential for quality lip care: LipShot Balm — John Doe efficiently does the job of conditioning and protecting, and keeps the soothing simple with a spearmint flavor and scent. Even without a marque name, all the usual suspects are here. THE BUTTER TWINS The butter twins, shea and cocoa, soften and clear away complexion troubles, reducing inflammation and improving the look of all skin, including that particularly delicate covering on your kisser. Bees and sunflowers conspire to give Mr. Doe a little protection, and keep the moisture where it needs to stay — within the tender tissues of your softened and seductive lips. Who was that man? I wanted to thank him. Endure the elements and protect your lips. Men and women alike will enjoy this industrious treatment for the lips

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