Take in a deeply cleansing breath and thoroughly immerse yourself in the zen moment that is Maha Satori Hand Soap. Your karma, if you choose to accept it, is to gently float away the grime and grit of the real life away on a fluffy cloud of foam with this spa-quality cleanser, leaving your expressive hands squeaky clean but thoroughly moisturized with the A team of aloe and sweet almond oil. Find your ultimate enlightenment with this pure and snowy foaming soap, ready to clean instantly with a simple pump rather than a frantic rub a dub dub. When a simple hand wash has the quality and aromatherapy feeling of an exclusive retreat, you know you have achieved Positively Posh nirvana. Serene and clean, but never dry and tight, hands treated with this creamy formula avoid the irritation of petroleum-based soaps, with their industrial degreasers, better suited for a machine shop than your bathroom.

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