Take your lumps, too, and rub them languorously across your sore and stressed muscles, turning your shower or bath into a spa in a snap. Cajole for Her Soap Massager fills the air with the unexpected scents of woodsy juniper and vetiver grasses, a green and fresh oasis that perks your interest with a little pine and piquant almost-lemony grass, and then swirls your cares away with a creamy, cleansing finish. View more soap massaging products. Thinking your could use a little help with a couple of out of the way places? Well, we anticipated your thoughts and suggest you consider steaming up the experience with a cajole for two, one for you and one for your partner in… unwinding? Mmm, that’s one name for it. No one needs to know you were a pushover; the Perfectly Posh Cajole for Her Soap Massager didn’t say a word, but wins you over with its soothing moonscape of smoothing blue nodules and take-me-away fragrance.

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