The Brilliant Lotus Anti-Aging Take Out Spa Mask is a fabulous treatment for skin that has years of exposure to the elements. It is easy to treat yourself to a spa with these cotton cloths that easily apply to your face. Pamper yourself with a soak in a bath with one of your favorite Perfectly Posh Bombinators and use our Brilliant Lotus Anti-Aging Take Out Spa Mask, dim the lights and relax. Our exclusive formula helps to help with deep wrinkles, prevents the appearance of fine lines and drying skin. Treat yourself every day to the 30 day packaging, use once a week or invite some girlfriends over for a spa night. It is your choice when and where you want to pamper yourself. Learn more about finding Perfectly Posh consultants. This mask has a fabulous combination of peptides, vitamins, lotus flower extract, and antioxidants that will plump, brighten, and moisturize your aging skin. The natural collagen boosting ingredients are fantastic to give you a youthful boost in your appearance.

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