Come out and play in the sun and the surf, or just smell like you spent the day on a tropical beach when you smooth on Brazilian Bombshell Body Butter. Exotic brazil nut seed oil sways to a samba beat with cocoa seed oil, a perfect pairing of rainforest rarity. Sugar cane and mango join the quartet, sweet, tart and tasty. Aloe vera provides a steady healing rhythm as you glide the rich, nourishing butter over your skin. Best results received after a shower or bath: apply liberally as you move to the far-off sound of the song of love. Treat your thirsty skin to the tropical beat of Brazilian Bombshell Body Butter. Far away lands call you. Close your eyes and you are luxuriating on the beach at Rio de Janeiro. If your social life blooms beyond belief, blame it on the bossa nova.

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