You can frolic in a winter wonderland while your lips are also guarded against the most intense, wispy winds the season can offer. Formulated with the perfect balance of shea butter and almond oil, this balm will soothe and moisturize your lips for hours. In addition to absorbing ultraviolet radiation, shea butter acts as an emollient for softening skin, as well as a humectant for optimal water retention. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties which promote healing, so healthy lips are never an issue. Almond oil is also included for its moisturizing and healing properties, as it contains a wealth of healthy fats and vitamin E. Dry, chapped lips getting you down? Just a bit of this balm and your lips will be more luscious and kissable than ever before. You can love life in the sunshine again, guilt free, as this balm will protect your pout from damaging ultraviolet rays

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