Perfectly Posh Ball O’ Butter Bombinator Bath Fizzy is for the purist in the group. This bath fizzy contains decadent Shea Butter that makes bath-time a super nourishing treat. Scented with sweet cream this bath fizzy is made for those who want a smooth, soft experience. When it is time to throw in the towel on a stressful day, toss in a Butter Bombinator Bath Fizzy instead, and immerse your exhausted, frazzled self in a sweet dreamy tub of moisturizing cream. Butter up with shea, and let that ancient skin care wonder, well known by exotic beauties of the past, soften and silken your work and world-weary skin, leaving a scent that relaxes like a bedtime mug of warm sweet cream and a moisturizer that conditions better than anything on this earth. If you are skin is super dry and need of some serious hydration, give Perfectly Posh Ball O’ Butter Bombinator Bath Fizzy a try. To really butter yourself up right, use our Slather Indulgent Body Butter in the many different fragrances. Emerge from your bath refreshed and ready to take on the world again, or to curl up with that special someone if that is what is on the menu.

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