When the hectic pace and the stress of the cold, cruel world has worn you down to a shadow of your former self, unwrap a blushing round of Perfectly Posh’s Mental Petal Bombinator and fling it into a waiting tub to wait for the magic to begin. The fairy tale scent of roses begins to fill the air as you lower yourself into the effervescent waters. No dark sorcery here, the sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) that makes the bubbles and suds in cheap cleansers, and — scary — is used as an industrial degreaser, has been banished from the kingdom, and only gentle and natural cleaners and moisturizers remain. Simple baking soda and citric acid explode — gently — in the water to create the soothing fizz and bubbles. Floating here and there are real rose petals, proving just where that lovley rose fragrance originates. Yummy. Either way, the tub-life is time well-spent on that most important of creatures, you, my dearest. And that towel? Well, wrap it around your sweetly moisturized body and let come what may. You are ready. For anything. Our SLS-free bath fizzy is a fantastic bath product that will turn any bath into a soulful experience.

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4.8 oz
Sodium BicarbonateCitric AcidRed Rose PetalsBrassica Napus (Canola) OilFragrance/ParfumPEG 180Red 33 [CI 17200].