For those who are purists and don’t want to mix any scent while lathering up their bath bar, this is your answer. A limited-ingredients person will enjoy this purely soap bath bar. This is for those souls who love organic cotton or recycle everything including their socks. Just Plain Posh Chunk Bar is a fragrance-free bath bar that is made for those who may be sensitive to smell or color additives. This is a new product in our fragrance free and dye free in our Just Plain Posh line expansion. Enjoy our Satin Cocoa Body Butter, and Bombinator, both are also dye and fragrance-free. Enjoy the natural, mild ingredients while using this wonderful soap. The bars do have only natural scents that are included in the formula of this bar. It is a clear bar that has no color. The packaging is a classic black and white to reflect its simple ingredients. Lather up with this dye-free bath bar that has no scent added. Pure and simple. There are many people who have sensitive skin or may be a purist at heart. This big bath bar is for those people. You know have a place to buy your products without worry or regret.

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7 oz
Sodium PalmateSodium Palm KernelateWater (Aqua)GlycerineSorbitolPalm Kernel AcidSodium ChlorideTetrasodium EDTATetrasodium Etidronate