You have that certain way of looking right through people, straight to their souls, an intuitive and pragmatic romantic and convert to the timeless quality of Perfectly Posh Sister, I’m A Poet Body Butter. You give a nod to an exotic shared past, with the fruit of the ancient shea tree now providing you with an elegant and nurturing skin conditioner, just as it did for the eternal beauty and Queen of the Nile Nefertiti. It firmly shuts the door on the artificial preservatives and greasy additives that have no place in a noble skin care regimen. Scented softly with the floral notes of the 21st century, this is an ethereal and eternal elixir that reaches back to the past for inspiration and to the future for hope. Find your muse in the pure poetry that is writ by this creamy body balm, and apply it generously to return your skin to the dewy perfection of an earlier and more refined and elegant time.

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7.5 oz
Water/AquaButyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)GlycerinCaprylic/Capric TriglycerideGlyceryl StearateCetearyl GlucosideCetearyl AlcoholDicaprylyl EtherDicaprylyl CarbonateAloe Barbadensis Leaf JuiceCetyl AlcoholFragrance/ParfumTocopherolSodium Stearoyl GlutamateXanthan GumPhenoxyethanolSodium PolyacrylateEthylhexylglycerin.