You can hear the cheery chatter now. This bright orange, citrus scented bath bar is a favorite among those who need a little extra help in the morning. A chatterbox of fan-fare follows this popular social butterfly. This is a great gift for those who need a little friend in the morning to say tell them it will all be okay after you wake up. Get ready and lets go have a beautiful day with Perfectly Posh’s Chatter bath bar. It is eager to please with its formula that helps with skin softness and lather capabilities. The smell of citrus can be energizing to the spirit. So lather up and be happy with this incredible bath bar that is formulated with ingredients to help keep your skin soft and clean. If you love this bath bar that has a spring in its step than you would also enjoy The Bubblin’ Broad Bombinator. It has the same perky citrus fragrance and will be a real treat for your next bath. A bright and cheery soap that will brighten you mood with its citrus fragrance.

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7 oz
Sodium PalmateSodium Palm KernelateWaterGlycerinSorbitonPalm Kernel AcidFragranceSodium ChlorideTetrasodium EDTATetrasodium EtidronateOrange 4 (CI15510)Yellow 10 (CI47005)