Kick Back, Slough Off: Body Scrubs

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love_the_dark_salt_scrubYour skin works hard to keep you looking fab, but sometimes it needs a little help. Our Netflix-and-takeout lifestyles are a tad less abrasive on our skin than those of our ancient ancestors, so dry, dead skin tends to wear out its welcome – and that makesĀ us look worn out too. That’s where body scrubs come in! These awesome body products help rejuvenate skin, giving it a beautiful glow and infusing much-needed moisture as well.


Perfectly Posh has a wide variety of skin-loving products, but the newest sugar scrubs are definitely something worth writing home about: Blissed Out Sugar Scrub adds a smidge of sea salt to its sugar base for extra scrubby power, and wraps it all up in a delicious fragrance of subtle ginger and bright sparkling orange blossom. Prefer something a little more dramatic? Love the Dark Black Sea Salt Body Scrub adds charcoal to a salt base for purifying effects, and a fresh sea breeze fragrance will make you feel like you’re getting (even more) gorgeous on a tropical shore.

Kiss Off, Rough Skin!

There’s lots to love about winter – cozy jackets, hot cocoa, snow flurries. The one thing no one likes? Dry, rough lips that are anything but kissable. Thankfully, there’s a purse-ready companion that will keep the dreaded “flaky lip” at bay: Snowed In Lip Scrub. Don’t let the gentle vanilla-mint flavor fool you – this is a hardworking little beauty secret that will scrub off dead skin and leave your pretty pout perfectly posh – say that five times fast!

Give Dead Skin the Boot

Finally, it’s hard to stay grounded if you’re constantly worried about ugly cracks and dry skin on your soles and heels. Banish unsightly patches of less-than-cooperative dry skin with a swipe or two of Rubby Scrubby in the shower and you’ll be able to go from those super-cute winter boots to a party-ready pair of stunning low-slung heels without a second thought.