Avoid the Mittens of Shame: BFYHC To The Rescue!

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I SCREAM FOR ICE CREAMWe’ve all gotten that little internal shudder when our winter-dry, cracked hands and fingertips rub up against a sweater as we’re getting dressed. Ew, right? It’s an unpleasant feeling and it comes from the lack of moisture in the air when temperatures drop, bringing a natural lack of humidity compounded by indoor heat. Your skin doesn’t like that scenario, and it’s up to you to bail it out. Don’t worry, the answer is mighty yet small enough to fit in your purse: Perfectly Posh’s Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme, or BFYHC for short.

Is it a Lotion?

Is champagne just fizzy wine? No way! This is an ultra-moisturizing creme packed with skin-loving ingredients like apricot oil, coconut oil and even aloe to speed up skin healing. It’s not just a part of your beauty routine, it’s a self-indulgent, subtly-fragranced treat that feels like pouring pure, cool silk on your dry, thirsty hands. Put it this way: if hands could sigh in relief, they definitely would after a few drops of this rich, thick hand creme.

Wait, Fragrance?

Oh yes – you’re in for a treat! This isn’t the fake-y notes you’re used to from hand lotion either – these are gorgeous, true-to-life hints of scent that will bring a smile to your face and keep your friends asking you to borrow your little miracle tube of BFYHC. How about a dollop of I Scream for Ice Cream BFYHC, with notes of fresh cream and vanilla, or a smidge of Oh Snap BFYHC, scented with gorgeous undertones of tart-sweet Grapefruit Brulee? If you think they sound good, wait until you get a chance to try them in person!

Don’t let winter win in the battle to keep your skin fresh, healthy and baby-soft: call in reinforcements! You’ll love the way Big Fat Yummy Hand Creme glides on without a greasy after-feel, and you might never return to your ho-hum “basic” lotion again!