Sink into a luxe tub of suds with Pearls in My Bath, a milk and honey confection that treats your skin to a sulfate-free bubble bath whenever you need to relax.

Smooth on some Big Fat Pearly Hand Creme after you dry off to lock in moisture and keep your skin silky with ingredients like apricot kernel oil and real milk.

For the coup de grace, pop open the Shimmer Like a Pearl compact and use a little of this bright, brilliant highlighter on cheekbones, eyelids and anywhere else that could use a luminescent boost of beauty.

The tempting trio of beauty treats in the Pearls for Girls Gift Set is a shimmer-packed surprise!

Pearls in My Bath offers a shimmering bubble bath soak, Big Fat Pearly Hand Creme leaves a trail of silky smooth skin in its wake, and Shimmer Like a Pearl highlights and brightens your face beautifully.